Jockstrap Bulges
Me in a White Bike Blacklabel size Med. Bike does not make these anymore. A real shame.

Me in a White Bike Blacklabel size Med. Bike does not make these anymore. A real shame.

hey glad you like the bog - jockstrapfrenzy. i think i did post a photo a long while back .. i think they are the horniest item of clothing on a man.

cool and I agree that the Jockstrap is the hottest piece of clothing that a man can wear.  started wearing them back in the late 80’s and I’m still getting a hard on just by putting the damn thing on. I wish more guys were into them and willing to explore the thousands of ways they can turn a man on. I guess I’m just way ahead of the times or way way behind but I believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. just go with it and enjoy it…

Will you reblog jock pics? I have some on my page. ;)

I do when I come across pics I like. I’ll check it and see what you’ve got. Thanks for letting me know bud.

I've been following you for just a few hours, and you are already one of my favorite blogs. I love it :)

I’m very glad you are enjoying it. I don’t spend a whole lot of time working on it like other people do with theirs, but I do it for fun. If it becomes work I will probably stop doing it because I prefer to have fun.

Not sure if you got my last message, Im new to tumblr. Can you get me the video on page 4 of the solo? 4th video down. I cant stream it says "video failed to load"

I went through all the vids I have on here and I came across only that said “video failed to load”. It was one I had reblogged from another blog and I went back to the blog I originally got it from and I got the same message “video failed to load” so I have no answer for you other than the blog I got it from was “b8spacetv”. You might try contacting him and see if he can help you. Very sorry bud.

Do you cum in your jocks?

all the time. I love to shoot my load in my Jock pouch but my most favorite is to have a hot bud shoot his load on my bulge as I shoot mine and have them mix together and keep wearing my Jock as the pouch clings to my cock and balls and dries.

Hot blog man would love to shoot my load over your hot jock bulge

thx bud. glad you like and I would love to have you soak my bulge with your load as I blow my load to and will mix them together and then I’ll keep wearing the jock until it dries clinging to my cock and balls. drives me wild. 

Is that u on your tumblr picture ? :) x

hey wanktank….yes it is me and there are other pics of mine posted also and they say that it is me. if they don’t say that it’s me or say it’s an internet pic, then those are not me. 



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